Shichimi Togarashi OKUMURA

Established about 80 years ago in Kyoto
Situated in front of the Fushimi Inari Shrine

Yuzu Shichimi

We are a Shichimi specialty shop in Fushimi Inari Kyoto. We can brew and make Shichimi as your request.

Traditional to the Kyoto way of aroma our Shichimi would make great souvenir.

[ Our products ]

Yuzu Shichimi and Fushimi Inari Shrine designs on the package

Our products

These are typical products for our shop

Our traditional style includes pungent sansho: Shichimi Togarashi
Mixed with lot’s of yuzu : Yuzu Shichimi
We also have sansho, ichimi or seasoning mixed with traditional products or on their own.

[ Mixing Shichimi ]

Mixing Shichimi

Mixing Shichimi

This shows the several types of Shichimi which we can make

We do mixes at your request. This has been our way for 3 generations. This means your special mix will be one of a kind.

[ What is Shichimi? ]

What is Shichimi?

What is Shichimi?

Shichimi explained

What is Shichimi made from? What is the difference between Shichimi and Ichimi? How can I use them? We show the characteristics of Shichimi and FQA about it.