What is Shichimi?

Shichimi Togarashi Okumura uses these ingredients

ingredients of shichimi togarashi

Our Shichimi is made from chilli, orange peel, shiso, dried seaweed, sesame, hempseed and sansho

※Orange peel means dried skin of orange

ingredients of shichimi

We mix shichimi as your requests.

Difference between Shichimi and Ichimi

Shichimi is made from 7different types of Ingredients

Shichimi togarashi

Shichi means seven in Japanese.

We say Shichimi meaning made from 7different types of Ingredients including chilli.

It is depends on shops or other brands as to how much ingredients are put in, so the flavour can vary

Ichimi made from chilli only


Dried chilli ground to powder is Ichimi

Ichi means one in Japanese. That’s why we call Ichimi

How can we use Shichimi or Ichimi?

It is suitable for making foods more aromatic rather than spicy

Ichimi is suitable for making foods spicy

Recipes with Shichimi

How can we keep Shichimi after opened


Shichimi Packages

Keep dry and avoid moisture and lights,

Put it in sealing container and keep it in fridge or freezer.

Our packages is good quality and has zipper so it is very useful.

Cool space

We recommend you to keep Shichimi and Sansho in fridge or freezer.

You can keep them unrefridgerated but they may start losing aroma

The aroma is weakened by humidity

When the package is opened the aroma can escape quickly like steam from boiled water

That’s why we recommend to keep cold.

Characteristic of Kyoto Shichimi

The ways of mixing for Shichimi’s is characterized by regions.

People from Kyoto tend to like aroma of sansho so lot’s of shops in Kyoto sell Shichimi with

Characteristic of Kyoto Shichimi

additional sansho. We usually add extra sansho for Shichimi which will suite a variety of foods.

We can mix additional or reduce sansho as your request.
Mixing Shichimi

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