Ume Plum Ochazuke Seasoning

Ume Plum Ochazuke Seasoning

Sprinkle on cooked rice, all you need to do is pouring hot weter.Ocazuke is Fast and simple dishes.
How to eat OCHAZUKE

Aroma and sourness of Ume plum(Umeboshi).

Product details

Ume Plum Ochazuke in the bag

To keep fresh and quality, we use a package with zipper

  • [ Ingredients ]
  • rice, Sesame, seaweed, pickled plum paste, red shiso, salt, sugars, matcha, pickled plum powder, acidic ingredients, amino acids, colors, flavor

  • [ How to store ]
  • Zipped up and keep cool dark place

  • [ Expiration date ]
  • 1year

  • [ Net ]
  • 70g

  • [ Price ]

  • JPY 648

  • [ How to use ]
  • Sprinkle on steam rice and pouring hot weter How to eat OCHAZUKE